Sterling Quality Talent is a one-stop-shop for the talent needs of companies and in­dividuals under three main divisions. 

Sterling Quality Talent Management & Literary Agency  

We represent writers, actors, directors, musicians, facilitators, voice-over artists, MCs alongside fashion models and media personalities. We are source of fresh and engaging talent. 

We work with casting directors, agents, producers, event managers, distributors, advertisers, publishers and media net­works to supply them with the best and most relevant talent for their productions, events, advertisements, programmes and publications. 

Our services include booking and con­tracting; casting and general manage­ment. 

Academy of Theatre, Film & Television Arts 

We are an independent talent develop­ment and training institute dedicated to launching and developing the professional careers of aspiring actors, performers and creatives in the theatre, film and television industries. 

We develop and run programmes deliv­ered through evening, weekend, holiday and short courses and workshops that uniquely combine theory with practice under experienced and practicing faculty. 

Our programmes include; Presenting for Television; Writing for TV and Theatre; Acting for TV and Theatre; Vocal Training; Personal Branding and a Youth Holiday Academy.  

Corporate Performance School   

We offer corporate human capital consul­tancy and training programmes in asso­ciation with the Serenity Group, that are designed to develop presentation and communication skills for professionals in the public, private and non-governmental sectors. 

Known as the Corporate Performance, it is offered to individuals and organizations as one-to-one coaching; in-house pro­grammes and public programmes. 

We work closely with voice specialists, movement and body language practition­ers, personal branding consultants, film and theatre directors, actor and television presenters, to offer compelling and prac­tical content for the overall optimum per­formance of the organization from a com­munications stand-point. 

Our courses and workshops include: work­place and personal communications skills; presenting to the media; personal brand­ing; public speaking; presenting to live au­diences; physical presence and body lan­guage; voice training; executive coaching; conference presentations and role play and forum theatre.