Sterling Quality Live 

Live Entertainment Productions

Our loyal audiences enjoy some of the best live entertainment offering in the region, produced through our respective live entertainment brands such as:  

  • Silver Stage Musicals 

This is the company’s flagship live entertainment brand, launched in November 2002, with over ten productions to its credit. The brand specializes in the production of premium original and licensed world-class musical theatre.  

  • Plays Direct 

This is the company’s straight-plays brand, launched in 2007. It specializes in the production of original plays as well as licensed international works.  

  • Gentlemen In Concert 

This is the company’s second most successful live entertainment brand, specializing in the production of unique music concerts since 2006, featuring men from different professional backgrounds.

  • Leading Ladies Live 

This is the company’s live entertainment brand that specializes in the production of unique music concerts since 2007, featuring women from different professional backgrounds, with part proceeds going to charity.

  • Classical Concert Series 

This live entertainment brand is a pioneer in fusing classical music with contemporary music of all backgrounds since 2008. It features local and international classical musicians in an intimate and uniquely designed experience.

Hospitality & VIP Experiences 

Our Hospitality & VIP Experiences service makes your experience at our shows unforgettable-for all the right reasons. Whether you are looking to treat yourself, your partner, friends and/or family with a customized offering around our live entertainment productions, we are the right choice. 

We have two main hospitality offerings available to audiences: 

  • VIP Experiences

Family Experience, Premium Experience

  • Special Occasion 

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Celebrations

Live Club Card 

Subscribing to the Sterling Quality Live Club Card gives live entertainment fans unrivalled benefits across our live entertainment brands as well as sponsors and partners from time to time. 

Membership to the Club is free for the first year, where Live Club Card holders will enjoy: 

  • Priority Tickets 
  • Special Ticket Offers: Up to 25% discount on select shows  
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • Dedicated Customer Service Line
  • Three e-Newsletters (every four months) 
  • Savings on Pre-Show and Interval Drinks
  • Discounts & Offers on Merchandise (subject to availability) 
  • Savings & Special Offers from Partners & Sponsors

Sterling Quality Television 

Broadcast Productions 

We have been producing broadcast television for over ten years. Our fresh creative approach continues to inspire audiences along genres such as drama, entertainment, children’s programming and documentary & factual programming. 

Our work spans the following genres: 

  • Drama
  • Entertainment 
  • Children’s Programming 
  • Documentary & Factual Programming 

Brand Entertainment 

We work closely with advertisers and agencies to engage and sell to their markets, by creating and producing branded entertainment properties. 

We use multiple media platforms with television as the anchor platform, to produce branded drama, entertainment, game shows, animation & children’s programming as well as reality formats.