Sterling Quality Live

Live Production Services

We cater to producers and organizations that require expertise in delivering world-class entertainment in a live setting. Our services include: 

  • Creative & Scripting Services
  • Artistic Direction
  • Music Direction 
  • Production Management 
  • Sound & Lighting Design
  • Costume Hire 
  • Equipment Hire  
  • Set Design 
  • Show Licensing
  • Photography & Video

Hospitality & VIP Experiences 

For companies and organizations looking to organize corporate hospitality with a difference, around our live entertainment productions, then our hospitality packages will ensure that you and your guests enjoy a spectacular show coupled with the grandeur of being spoiled by luxurious hospitality in a private and tasteful setting away from the crowds, making for a special and unforgettable evening.

We have three main corporate hospitality offerings: 

  • VIP Experiences

Family Experience, Premium Experience

  • Special Occasion

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Celebrations

  • School Group Offers

Programmes Offer, Snacks Offer, Programmes & Snacks Combined Offer

Live Entertainment Marketing Solutions 

Our live entertainment marketing solutions enable advertisers and sponsors, to tap into our lucrative audience and membership base of thousands of consumers that we deliver annually through our live entertainment brands and digital platforms. Our solutions include: 

  • Production Sponsorship 

We offer sponsors unique sponsorship properties around our live entertainment productions, working creatively with them, to trigger a correlation to sponsors and the world-class entertainment experiences we create and produce. 

  • Production Advertising 

We offer a raft of media properties around each of our live entertainment productions, which make for a valuable avenue to reach our captive target market. These media span the digital, print and mobile platforms exclusive to our patrons. 

  • Corporate Hospitality & VIP Experiences 

We can combine great food with a great show. If your company is looking to organize corporate hospitality with a difference, then our hospitality packages will ensure that you and your guests enjoy a spectacular show coupled with the grandeur of being spoiled by luxurious hospitality in a private and tasteful setting away from the crowds, making for a special and unforgettable evening.

  • Exhibition Space

All our live entertainment productions offer space for advertisers and companies to exhibit their products and undertake sampling, lead generation and general corporate entertaining activities. 

  • Service & Product Partnerships 

Our productions offer opportunities for companies to give their services in kind, in return for enjoying exclusive partner benefits around our productions, with favourable results.

Our live entertainment marketing solutions promise to deliver: Brand Loyalty, Brand-building/Brand Awareness, Quality Lead Generation/Drive Sales, Effective Product & Service Sampling, World-class Corporate Hospitality & Entertainment, Targeted Advertising & Narrowcasting, Differentiation from Competitors 

Sterling Quality Television

Broadcast Productions 

We have been producing broadcast television for over ten years. Our fresh creative approach continues to inspire audiences along genres such as drama, entertainment, children’s programming and documentary & factual programming. 

Our Services span pre, production and post-production stages:  

  • Creative & Scripting Services
  • Equipment Hire 
  • Studio Facilities Hire 
  • Production Services 
  • Music Soundtracks
  • Post Production Services
  • Content Licensing
  • Content Sales & Distribution

Corporate Communications

We can handle every aspect of video communications for any corporate project from the brief, scripting, strategy, studio work and editing, to the finished DVD and web clips. We have our own edit suite and engage the most appropriate crew and production equipment for any given project. 

Our corporate communications services can be broken down into four main areas: 

  • Corporate Television

We produce anything to do with video that businesses or organizations may require such as: Corporate Documentaries & Videos, Internal Video Magazines, Training Videos, Promotional Messages, Sales & Marketing Support Materials, Product Knowledge Videos, Visual Media Archiving 

  • TVC & Infomercial Production

We provide production services to agencies and directly to businesses giving them reliable and quality support to produce outstanding creative work, that sells their products and companies, while communicating effectively to audiences. 

  • Communications Support 

Working closely with our Sterling Quality Talent and the Personal Branding Associates Ltd., we assist with the media training of executives to ensure that they deliver corporate and product messages effectively at meetings, conferences, public events and before the media. 

  • Creative Media (Photography, Video & Digital Graphics) 

Our Creative Media Team offers pre-event, event and post-event communication solutions that help companies and brands to leverage a variety of media in creative ways that deliver and reinforce their messages. Our Services include: Message Branding, Pre-Event Messaging, On Screen Communications, Video Storytelling & Coverage, -Printed Messaging, Digital Photography, Post Event Messaging, Wide Screen Package

  • Web Media Delivery

Alongside our partners, we have solutions for hosting, analytics and the integration of corporate videos and presentations into your existing website, so as to ensure a seamless multi-media communication network. 

Brand Entertainment 

We work closely with advertisers and agencies to engage and sell to their markets, by creating and producing branded entertainment properties. 

We use multiple media platforms with television as the anchor platform, to produce branded drama, entertainment, game shows, animation & children’s programming as well as reality formats. 

Our services include: 

  • Conceptualization 
  • Brand Engagement Strategy
  • Creative & Scripting Services
  • Production Services 
  • Post Production Services

Equipment & Facilities Hire 

We have an inventory of production equipment to not only support its own productions, but those of independent producers. This combined with the inventory of our partners and suppliers enables us to offer the following for hire: 

  • Filming Equipment  
  • Sound & Lighting Equipment 
  • Digital Screens
  • Edit Suite
  • Sound Recording Booth

TV Marketing & Distribution 

We offer television marketing and distribution solutions for third-party productions. Additionally we work with local and international independent producers to distribute their projects in East Africa to meet the growing demand for television content with the advent of digital television. 

Our marketing solutions include:

  • Production Sponsorship 
  • Product Placement 
  • Service & Production Partnerships